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A new reality in mobility services for events

Siciliancabs.com, making use of a modern and ever-growing fleet made up of luxury Mercedes cars and vans, wants to present itself as the main player in the management of mobility for events present on the Sicilian territory. Siciliancabs.com thanks to its organization of professional and experienced drivers, is able to satisfy every request quickly, with the highest quality levels, customizing each type of service according to the different needs of the customer.

The care and attention provided to the different aspects of the requested services allow us to position ourselves as the leader in the Event Mobility Services sector.



what we offer

New cars

Our entire fleet of Mercedes cars and vans is recently registered, authorized and insured to carry out the rental service with driver.

Wi-fi on board

All our cars are equipped with wi-fi on board and all the necessary equipment to travel in maximum comfort.

H24 service

We are available with our services H24/7 throughout the Sicily Region.

Professional drivers

All our drivers are professionals who have achieved all the certifications required by Italian legislation.

Quality standards and safety

We always offer the highest quality, with the highest quality and safety standards.

Maximum satisfaction and loyalty

We always aim for maximum customer satisfaction thanks to our professionalism, courtesy and quality of services offered. Satisfaction and loyalty are our strengths.


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global solutions for every need


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We support our customers in all phases of the organization for the best success of the event

Our event manager with his back office will immediately resolve any unforeseen events that may arise during the event.

Our event manager with his back office will constantly update the customer during the various phases of the current event.

We are able to customize all the services and the various processes according to the different events to be carried out. Write us an email using the appropriate box as the first contact. We will reply shortly to arrange a telephone appointment.


Your events partner

Sicilianacabs.com as well as providing mobility services for events throughout the Sicily Region, offers continuous assistance to those who want to rely on our professionalism. The staff is at your complete disposal for any question or clarification concerning our car rental with driver activity.


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